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Trend Jumper Now Available – But Only For a Few Days

We’ve opened the PTU Trend Jumper system and training course up for the final time to the public here in 2013.

You can get all the details….a live in the market demonstration we recorded, complete details of what comes with the complete PTU Trend Jumper system, along with price and all the other details.  Plus, we’ve got a limited number of bonus packages still available – at least for now.  How do you learn more?

Just GO HERE – click this link for a detail packed and highly informative overview of the trading system and Getting Started details….


  1. Phillip Sprowls says:

    I have been in and out of the markets for years. I have tried many “systems” in the past with all ending in failure. Until you folks showed on my radar, I had not looked at a chart for two years. The TJ looks too good to be true, but I cannot walk away. Is there any way I can sample before making a commitment?

    • Phil, check out the free strategies we’ve been giving away. This Sunday is a post that walks through the last 6 days of daytrading the YM, up +333 points. This is the FREE strategy. We do not offer free trials on the full blown Trend Jumper. But it does come with a pretty rock solid money back guarantee. The trick is to be resolute about following the steps; training, tradeplan rules and the Steps to Success Guide on the Owner’s Club website. If you do that, you’ll never want to return the Trend Jumper. It’s a real golden goose that keeps laying golden eggs. Not if you don’t treat it the way it wants to be treated though. That’s where traders get themselves into trouble. They fall back into bad habits, try to change or fix something that doesn’t need fixing, etc.. We’ve received hundreds of positive testimonials by traders who love the Trend Jumper and who have finally turned their trading around. You can too. Just follow the advice above. Cheers, TJ

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