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Trend Jumper Officially OFF the Market — Congrats to ALL our New Members!!

Our FIRST Trend Jumper release has come and gone.  Congratulations to ALL our new members.  Hopefully most of you have received the training materials.  If not, you will be getting them shortly.  They have all shipped.

We held one of our first live Trend Jumper Trainings today, and WOW!  What a session!  What impressed me the most was how many SMART new traders we have joining us.  Traders from all levels of experience, too.  New to advanced.  We can all learn something from each other, too.  New traders benefit from the experience of advanced traders but what often gets overlooked is how Advanced traders can benefit from Newbies.  Advanced traders have a hard time unlearning old habits.  Newer traders help bring that to light and have the advantage of learning the correct way from the outset.  Bottom line, it’s a great mix of traders in our Owner’s Club and I’m excited to have everyone on board.  Trading can be a lonley business and the benefit of a dynamic and active traderoom like we have can not be understated.

Today, as well as yesterday, our main markets were successful, yet again.  We covered many of them in the live room.  We also touched upon other critical elements to not only trading the Trend Jumper, but in trading successfully in general.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s and Thursday’s training.


  • Crude Oil Futures continued its winning ways, up +.76 for the two sessions which is +$760 already  to start December.  Still, only one losing session since Oct 1st and over $16,000 in profits.  You could have bought the Trend Jumper for yourself, and for 15 of your friends by now!  Not only that, you would already have this Super Simple Strategy mastered!!   FOR LIFE!
  • Russell eMini:  New record profit levels, up 82.8 points since Oct 1.  That’s $8,280 and eight more of your friends, depending on how generous you were feeling.
  • Dow eMini:  New record profit levels and up +36 points for the week already in just two easy trades.  Up +474 points since beginning of November.  Great for smaller starting accounts and highly dependable.
  • Unleaded Gas Futures:  New record profit levels.  It gained a whopping + 2040 ticks in November at $4.20 per tick.  Best of all, most of the sessions required just ONE trade early in the session to accomplish its goals.  Stellar!!  Today was no different.  One and done with + 81 ticks, $340.
  • Heating Oil Futures:  Same thing.  New rcord profit levels.  Up +1454 ticks in November and already up another +118 ticks to start December, and new equity profit levels.  This dynamic market only had one losing session in November.

Are you getting the idea?  These are just a few samples of what we are seeing across a multitude of markets.  Wheat futures have been unstoppable.  Nasdaq and S & P eMinis, Nat Gas…  How about the DAX and Euro Bund?  They’ve been outstanding too, for our friends across the pond.

Consider the Eurobund (FGBL), for example.  It is making me seriously consider moving my family to Paris!!  Just this last month alone, it won 80% of ALL its trades, hitting new record profit levels nearly every day.  Guess what happened today.  Another winning session and NEW profit levels again!  It is up over $2000 Euros already with just 1 to 2 trades per day.

The DAX too!  Yesterday it gained a nifty +19.5 points at 25 Euros per point.  One and done, hitting it’s goals in a matter of minutes.  Today?  Another winning session and NEW record profit levels.

Don’t worry, we got FOREX TRADERS covered too!!  We just hit new record profit levels for the year on a number of pairs; The EURUSD is in a homerun trade right now which you can see on yesterday’s live trade video.  Others have hit new record profit levels too, and a number of fresh trades have just setup and triggered in.  We’re SWINGING for the fence on these trades, using the power and advantage that currency markets give us by swingtrading them.  We are catching the annual major moves of each major and significant minor pair with easy, low stress trading.

You’ll see the current trades on EURJPY on yesterday’s video too.  But also, new trades have just triggered in on EURAUD, EURNZD, NZDJPY, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, GBPAUD, NZDCAD and GBPUSD.  Also, there are live big winners still trailing to larger profits in USDCHF, CHFJPY and AUDJPY!  This is a very active swingtrade strategy that only requires a few minutes at the end of each day to trade and manage.  THAT is the BEST way to trade forex.  You can neutralize the brokers and beat them with high quality trades that put the odds in your favor, each and every time.

Unfortunately, Trend Jumper is OFF the market.  We have to make sure our new membership is UP and READY to go before releasing any more TJs.  Make sure YOU are on the waiting list.  This is a HOT strategy that will continue to work.  Learn it once, trade it for a lifetime.  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s session!


  1. Please inform me about release of Trend Jumper for MT4.

    Best Regards

    • Hopefully you got my email, Manfred. You’ll want to be on the upcoming webinar for all the details in how to get started with Trend Jumper and MT4. During that webinar, all the specifics will be revealed. Hope to see you there.

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