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EURUSD Winning 75% — Trend Jumper Pro Plus Tradeplans Going Strong

The EURUSD is doing great, for sure, on many different timeframes, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The Trend Jumper Pro Plus is such a powerful piece of software, opening up a whole world of trade opportunities on many different markets and charts, that it’s not hard to find success as a trader who has mastered its principals and techniques.

Since we have recently focused on futures so much I thought I would offer up a sampling of some different types of charts and symbols.  Take a look at this random mix of TJ Pro Plus tradeplan results that continue to quietly and persistantly rack up profits:

  • GBPUSD 60 Min; 73.36% win rate; PF 1.78 over the last 458 trades (2 years)
  • EURUSD 60 Min; 75%; PF 2.11 over the last 216 trades (3 years)
  • GBPAUD 15 min; 70%; PF 1.81 over the last 588 trades (2 years)
  • SLV; 80.68%; PF 4.15; + $1.25 avg Net Profit per trade per share
  • RAX; 80.58%; PF 3.64; + $1.24 avg Net Profit per trade per share
  • CELG; 72.73%; PF 2.08; + %1.62 avg net proft per trade per share

Check out this RAX equity curve over the last 7 years.  Notice how it just hit all new record profit levels.  When you here us talking about record profit levels in many of our past posts futures, forex and stocks, this example illustrates exactly what we are referring to.


Since GBPUSD and EURUSD are on the list above, check out the most current trades with those two charts/tradeplans:



The Trend Jumper has been going strong for over three years.  It has over 2000 users all over the world, 130 countries last I checked.  It continues to perform today as it did when it was first released.  The story speaks for itself.  Just peruse back at the history on this very blog.  This month we are offering an Advanced Training Bootcamp and the chance to get the entire TJ Pro Plus Suite of Power Tools, including the ever powerful Trade Assist (Automation).  If you already own the Trend Jumper, here’s a chance to jump into the Professional version.  If you are thinking about getting on board, why not give yourself an early Xmas gift and join us for the hard hitting Advanced Training Bootcamp later this month.  For information, contact us at or send me an email directly at


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