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Trend Jumper Producing Profits Thru Holiday Shortened Week

I’m not a big believer in trading during holidays.  Especially with the eMinis.  There’s a good chance the the range will be tighter and that lowers the odds of success.  It’s not always the case but often it is.  I like to put the odds in my favor as much as possible.

When I do decide to trade under these circumstances, I like to lower my expectations and trade less.  Maybe limit it to 2 or 3 trades per market or trade for just the first hour, or something like that.   Also, I prefer markets like the petroleum products.  Today, our three favorite energy futures, Crude, Unleaded Gas and Heating Oil, all ended positive with a minimum of trades, for example.

  • Crude went 2 and 0 for + 44 ticks, $440
  • Unleaded Gas (RB) went 1 for 2 for a modest yet positive + 8 ticks $33
  • Heating Oil (HO) went 1 for 3 but managed to gain + 67 ticks for $281

One of the benefits that the Trend Jumper gives us is a very favorable risk:reward ratio.  Look at RB for example.  It barely got ticked in for a full loss on the first trade.  The same bar that stopped us out gave us another long setup, this time going the distance for the full target.  Because our targets are nearly double our risk, we were able to get back nearly our entire (2 position) loss with just the first position.  The 2nd position didn’t get as much but it was sufficient to put us on top to end the session with our power of quitting 1 goal and a positive finish to a holiday shortened session and week.

An even more dramatic example was Heating Oil which started the session with 2 full losses and then hit it outta the park with the 3rd trade and a +67 tick gain.  Losses come when they come and no one can predict them but what we can predict and take advantage of is our winning edge.  The losses get us to our positive result on most sessions because the winners give us such a big advantage.  Despite beginning with some losses on 2 of these markets this morning, Trend Jumper gave ample opportunity, recovered quickly and hit its power of quitting goals on all three, taking what the market wanted to give us, dynamic trading at its most effective.


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