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Trend Jumper Professional Advanced Training Bootcamp is Back

The final Trend Jumper Professional Advanced Training Bootcamp and Pro Tools Software set, complete with Automated Trade Assist is taking place this coming week on Sept 10th and 11th. We have many new Trend Jumper Members and a bunch of ‘wiley old veterans’ who will be attending.  This round will prove to be exciting as brand new tradeplans will be revealed and taught.

Here’s a small sneak peak of one of the new tradeplans, and hourly swingtrade chart for the GBPUSD. Hourly charts have been in demand and the advanced tools that come with the Trend Jumper ProPlus software opens up all kinds of timeframes and markets, making charts like the hourly chart not only more viable but quite profitable as well.

New Trend Jumper ProPlus Tradeplan Performance Report for the GBPUSD 60 Min Chart.  Notice the 464 trades included in this report.  This is just one of the many Pro Topics that will be taught during the Advanced Training Bootcamp.



This recent trade gained hundreds of pips.  Notice how everything you need is right on the chart and was taken with the Automated Trade Assist.  This and so much more will be taught during the Advanced Training Bootcamp.


Take a look at the ongoing results of one of the tradeplans that also comes with the TJ Professional.  This plan was offered at the last Advanced Training bootcamp and continues to reach for all new equity highs; GBPUSD 4 hour Swingtrade Chart.



Don’t miss out on the final Trend Jumper Professional Advanced Training Bootcamp of the year, complete with the full array of the ProPlus Toolset and Automated Trade Assist.

Training will take place on Sept 10 and 11, live over the internet.  All attendees will gain access to the video recordings for subsequent viewing as often as needed.

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Some of the topics included in the Advanced Training Bootcamp:

·        Foundational Training

·        Advanced features and tools

·        Settings and Inputs

·        Backtesting Techniques

·        Money Management Techniques (Getting paid is what it is all about!)

·        Trade Planning

·        Trade Psychology

·        the Best Tradeplans for On-going Success

·        Best Practices for Trading Success

·        Ninja Trader Specific Techniques

·        Using the Performance and Optimization Reports

·        Developing your Own Trade Ideas

·        An overall greater understanding of How to Use the Trend Jumper (Tips and tricks, why it works, how it works, and how you should be using it.)

·        Video recordings of the training to review as often as you’d like

·        Free pass to our next Trend Jumper Advanced Pro Training

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