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Trend Jumper Still Performing well with ALL the Usual Suspects

I’ve been writing about and teaching the Trend Jumper for over three years now.  With all that time and experience with the strategy you might think that nothing could surprise me.  That’s pretty much true.  What also is true that I continue to marvel at how well it works, on the very same charts SINCE three years ago.  Markets change, conditions change, volatility comes and goes, but one thing that hasn’t changed is how well the Trend Jumper adjusts and behaves day to day.  The tradeplans have truly stood the test of time and continue to do so.

Today’s Trend Jumper Crude Oil Tradeplan was one and done, hitting its goals with the very first trade.  The only thing that HAS changed is the price of crude oil.  Not the trades!


The YM is still the same.  If you didn’t know the symbol you might think it’s the same chart as the above.  That’s because Trend Jumper works the very same way on any of the charts we trade. Learn it once, use it for a lifetime.

YM is a long running Trend Jumper tradeplan and today it did what it typically does.  It finished with a positive result.  That’s what it takes to succeed at trading.


Check out the below chart.   It could be any ‘ole symbol.  It is a daily forex chart.  Notice the most current trade that just finished with over +1000 pips of profit.  It only took a few days.  It’s the exact same setup, the exact same everthing as when Trend Jumper first came out.  I marked up all the trades over the past few months with Ws and Ls to mark all the winning and losing trades.  Same thing, different market and chart.

GBPAUD is one of the best trading forex pairs, in my opinion.  It has continued to deliver big forex swingtrade profits with the Trend Jumper over the years.  The most current trade and series of trades quickly shows how and why.


Trend Jumper continues to perform today as it did three years ago.  It is truly a timeless strategy.  As long as you can find a market that is moving. you can be confident that the Trend Jumper will put the odds in your favor.  The HOUSE odds.  And we all know, the HOUSE always wins!

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