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Watch My Live Heating Oil Futures Trades Today with a Long Term Winning Trend Jumper Tradeplan

Heating Oil futures is one of the winningest daytrade plans there is with Trend Jumper.  In fact, it has literally won 32 of the last 33 sessions.  Often it is finished very quickly and plenty of times it is able to produce triple digit gains.  The trailing stop outperforms the fixed target on a regular basis making this a very explosive and satisfying market to trade.  It has some nuances too.  It is a very thin market so we can expect to pay a few more ticks in slippage than other markets.  Each tick is worth $4.20, so 4 ticks of slippage is still less than 2 ticks on Crude Oil futures.  Moreover, +100 or higher tick moves is very common.  I am willing to pay a few more ticks in slippage on one hand, to gain the explosive and steady profits this tradeplan produces on the other hand.  It is a cost of doing business that is well justified.

Today’s session wasn’t quite as easy as many others.  It required discipline and a well practiced approach.  Check out this session as I think out loud through the process of following the tradeplan, trade by trade.


Friday’s Live Heating Oil Futures Session

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