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Watch TJ Trade Crude Oil LIVE with the Trend Jumper Today

Trading Crude Oil LIVE with TJ and the Trend Jumper

Watch me trade the Trend Jumper LIVE in Crude Oil and Heating Oil.  I normally wouldn’t recommend trading both together unless you are very experienced with those markets and the Trend Jumper.  You’ll see I actually missed the winning HO trade due to having to manage the Crude Oil trade.  Trend Jumper is so forgiving though.  I actually came back and grabbed another HO winner later and ended the session quite positive.

I can’t tell you how easy it is to trade when you have structure on the chart in live time with a strategy as powerful and profitable as the Trend Jumper.  Once you trade like this, you can’t imagine ever going back or even how it was ever possible to trade without it.  But then, most traders are failing and most traders have not yet discovered trading in this style; the Trend Jumper style.  Check out this video and get inside my head as I think through each and every maneuver as well as the temptations that plague most traders actions.

Here’s a spoiler alert:  All I did was just “lean on the system” and let it do all the heavy lifting for me.  I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to trade in such a way, lifting all pressure off of yourself and just reducing your role down to being the operator of your tradeplan and trade business.  No more, no less.

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