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Watch Trend Jumper Trade a Live Crude Oil Futures Trade this Morning

Watch me trade the Trend Jumper live, while talking through the strategy.  The daily goals for Crude Oil Futures were achieved again, with two winners and a positive result.  I missed the 2nd trade and instead took what would have been an addon trade for a nice $535 profit.  Watch what I do and learn how I use the Trend Jumper to take profits out of the market.  This trade is a great example of a typical Trend Jumper trade both in how it developed and how I managed it, keeping things very simple and letting the price action do its thing.  Crude Oil Futures is a great daytrading market.

Trend Jumper didn’t have a losing session in the entire month of October and so far, after two sessions in November, the streak continues with two more winning sessions.

October Crude Oil Futures Results:  +9.41 for $9,410 (does not include trade costs)

Today’s Crude Oil Futures Result: 2 trades, 2 winners for +.71; $710


Check it out and then don’t forget to register for our live Trend Jumper Demo coming up, November 12th.  You too can be profiting with Trend Jumper and Crude Oil Futures along with many other markets, including forex and stocks, etc.

Live Crude Oil Futures Trade, taken today with Trend Jumper


  1. Balakrishnan says:

    Why don’t you provide a trade copier for you trades? I would love to purchase it if you were to offer?


    • Trend Jumper is being made for Ninja Trader, yes. The cost of the system will be revealed on November 12th so make sure you’re registered for that.

  3. can the software be used on the MT4 platform? thanks

  4. I`m. new in.this suitable tools.and guide line?

  5. Hey TJ, what is the difference between the Trend Jumper and the last system NetPicks sold?

    • Riley, I get that question a lot. I get asked to compare it to SST Pro and others. Trend Jumper is WAY different. It uses ideas that are completely novel. One thing different is how easily you can apply it to a whole variety of markets and timeframes without really needing to change anything. Also, it is a reliable and steady performer with lots of trades and lots of chances to quit each session positive. Register for the webinar this Nov 12th and then feel free to ask any questions that come to mind.

  6. TJ, Been follower for long time, interested in learning more and want to work with staff. Question: Trend Jumper or Keltner Bells first?

    • Lol, Vince! KB is a fine system designed for swingtrading forex with Renko bars. Trend Jumper is an all around trade strategy that works with tick, time, momentum (rangebars), daily and weekly charts and can be used in just about any market. It is what you might call a high frequency trade strategy with lots of chances to quit most sessions positive. It’s easy to learn and has layers of extra power for those who want it. It’s our newest strategy; that and the PTU 2.0. Check it out this Nov 12th and ask any questions that come to mind.

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