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Welcome to New Trend Jumper Members and Thank you for a very Successful Trend Jumper Launch..

I want to extend a warm welcome to our newest Trend Jumper Members.  By now, most of you have received your indicators, have your charts set up and are beginning to learn and train on the Trend Jumper Strategy.  Many of you have also already joined me in the Owner’s Club Live Trade Room and have seen just how efficient and profitable the Trend Jumper is, on numerous markets and timeframes.

Our forex swingtrades have been outstanding.  Some big trades have just closed with large profits.  We were able to catch the big move down on GBPUSD for example.  The original position got short on 2/14 and just closed out yesterday with the 2nd half of its position for + 498 pips.  The first half came off around 3 weeks ago for + 325 pips.  I actually exited part of my position prior to that as well, at the middle target for + 225 pips, due to the major support level, which the price blasted right through anyway.  Along the way, there was a chance to add to our shorts, which I did.  That one stopped with a partial profit of + 138 pips (69 pips per position).  Nearly + 1000 pips, give or take, on this one trade alone!  Best of all, I never spent more than a few minutes per day managing it.



There are many trades like the one shown above.  Whether you are using Tradestation, Ninja Trader, or the newest kid on the block for us, MT4, you can look forward to robust and profitable Trend Jumper swingtrades on many different forex pairs.  Best of all, just a few minutes per day will keep you very active while NOT taking over your life, which is the TRAP that most forex traders fall into.

Our daytrading has continued to burn it up as well.  The YM just ran up 16 out of 17 winning sessions, making new profit levels for us nearly every day.

Unleaded Gas and Heating Oil Futures have been the real stars of the show, though.  Hopefully by now you have heard us talking about these incredibly dynamic and profitable markets.  Trend Jumper has been ‘JUMPING’ to huge profits on a daily basis.  Unleaded gas didn’t have a losing trade all week and Heating Oil only had a couple.  Both broke out to all new record profit levels and who knows when the fun will end.

If you missed the Trend Jumper release, that’s ok.  Make sure you get on the list for the next one and make sure you get signed up.  The Trend Jumper is for real!  It continues to prove itself each and every day in live markets and we are trading it live, in real time, in the traderoom.  The positive testimonials from happy members continue to pile in, too.  They all come in organically and unsolicited as new and experienced traders continue to ring the register with the PTU Trend Jumper.


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