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XAUUSD Gained + 85 pips Today with our Brand New Tradeplan

XAUUSD does it again today, picking up + 85 pips with our brand new 15 minute chart.  This is such a hot pair, we’ve come up with a variety of new tradeplans for different timeframes.  Our 30 minute plan gained over +700 pips since Friday alone, using our 3 position approach.  We also have a great tradeplan for a 233 tick chart as well as for end of day, daily charts.  XAUUSD is one of the best trading forex pairs these days and during a time where it is hard to find good volatility and range in forex in general, it’s nice to know we can turn to the Gold/USD (XAUUSD) pair to pick up the slack and ring in steady profits, no matter what your preferred timeframe is.

See Today’s ‘one and done’ XAUUSD trade that gained over + 80 pips today in 1 hour


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