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YM One and Done Today; Choosing the Right Trend Jumper Trade Setup at the Start of the Session

By design, the Trend Jumper gives us a lot of setups sometimes.  For the uninitiated, or those who have not yet learned how to trade with the Trend Jumper, it can be a challenge trying to figure out what trade setup to take at the start of the session.  This video walks through today’s Dow eMini (YM) session’s first trade of the day and talks you through how to select the right trade to take when starting your session.

The YM has been a very steady winner for us with the Trend Jumper.  This particular tradeplan, we trade every day in the live traderoom and has been a tradeplan that has worked will for over a year.  The YM continually has hit new equity highs, just about every 5th session, on average.  Moreover, just about every 11 trades (on average) it is hitting new profit levels as well.  Today, we did it again with the first trade of the day, a great way to roll into the weekend.  Using our less is more philosophy, which controls our overall risk exposure to the market, we can steadily build our accounts, not by taking more trades, but by merely increasing our position size as our account grows.


See how I handled the first trade of the day today with the YM

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